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09/01/17  G2 Structural Expands Manufacturing to California

To better serve its expanding customer base, G2 Structural, LLC has opened another G2T Commercial Grade Open Web Truss manufacturing plant in Del Rey, California.  The 23,000 square foot facility, on 3 acres, includes the fastest G2T Open Web Truss assembly machine in existance. Additional two high-tech automated component saws have been installed. 

Energy efficiency has been achieved with the installation of a new LED Lighting System.  Rising demand for the G2T Commercial Grade Open Web Truss has this new California manufacturing facility opening its doors running two shifts per day, 6 days a week.  G2 Structural is committed to a 3 Week Leadtime from G2T approvals.

Strategically located in Central California, this new manufacturing facility greatly reduces freight cost to Southern California, and gives G2 Structural a distinct edge over its chief competitor for projects in Central and Northern California.  Just another, in many steps taken by G2 Structural to insure its G2T Commercial Open Web Truss remains "The Strong and Simple Solution"

To specifiy the G2T Commercial Truss, Contact Dave Roti at 1-844-G2T-SPEC, email dave@g2structuralaz.com 

10/07/15  G2 Structural Expands Manufacturing to Texas and Georgia

In advance of full deployment of its G2 National Division, G2 Structural, LLC expands its manufacturing to Texas and Georgia. The G2T-Commercial Open Web Truss is in a position to provide greater cost effectiveness to the Casual Dining and Fast Food National Brand Market.

A longstanding limitation for the use of commercial open-web trusses in the "National Brand" new construction market has been the unwillingness of the current industry leader to relocate manufacturing to where the growth continues to trend.  G2 Structural is committed to providing unsurpassed value to new construction of National Brands, in both casual dining and fast food, by manufacturing G2T-L/G2T-LW Commercial Open Web Trusses in Texas and Georgia. These strategic locations make G2 National the leader in logistics to support National Brand General Contractors in their support of National Brands.

9/30/15  G2 Structural Adds Curt Mathews to its Technical Sales Team

G2 Structural is happy to announce the addition of Curt Mathews to its Technical Sales Team.  Curt comes to us with 17 years experience in Commercial Engineered Wood.  Most recently, Curt represented RedBuilt™ in the Texas market.

Curt will cover the Gulf States for G2 Structural, addressing one-off commercial opportunities immediately, and will play a key role in the development of G2 Structural's forthcoming G2 National Division.

Curt Mathews can be reached at 512-593-9127 or curt@g2structuralaz.com

9/30/15  G2 Structural Adds Lee Rose to its Technical Sales Team

As a 35 year veteran in Commercial Engineered Wood applications, Lee Rose bolsters G2 Structural's industry leading Technical Sales Team. Lee most recently represented RedBuilt™, and his resume includes being a top producing Technical Sales Rep for the likes of Standard Structures, Inc, Precision Component Systems, and FelMar Construction.

Lee will cover the State of Nevada for all G2 Structural Products, and the State of Arizona for G2T Commercial Open Web Truss only.*

Lee Rose can be reached at 702-837-8200 or lee@g2structuralaz.com

*For other EWP needs in the State of Arizona, please contact Kevin Gray with Alliance Lumber.  602-919-7819 or kevin.gray@alliancelumber.com


G2 Structural Increases Customer Service Commitment through  Logistics

Though secure in its customer service position provided by excellent logistics brokerage, G2 Structural furthers its commitment to on time deliveries with the purchase of a California Compliant Freightliner Tractor and two Manac 53' Step Deck Trailers.  G2 Structural employs two full-time Commercial Drivers

6/30/15  G2 Structural Adds Three Specialty Trailers to its Fleet

G2 Structural acquires three 60 foot TrussMaster™ trailers to lower cost and increase customer service. The TrussMasters™ are custom repurposed by G2 Structural's machinists to optimise their effectiveness in hauling the long-span G2T-Commercial Open Web Truss. 


70 foot long G2T Commercial Open Web Trusses on our repurposed 60' TrussMaster Trailer (1 of 3)


G2 Structural Expands Production Capacity via Equipment Purchase

G2 Structural prepares to add its fifth G2T-Commercial Open Web Truss manufacturing line with the help of Wasserman & Associates of Milferd, NE. The equipment will add 1000 lineal feet of G2T production per shift, per day.  Scheduled to arrive from Canada on 3/30/2015, the machine will be installed and operational by Mid-April.

G2 Structural intends to be the highest capacity wood commercial truss producer in the Southwestern United States. G2 Structural will continue its capital expenditures in this regard to maintain an industry leading 3 week average production lead time for, heavily loaded, commercial floor and roof truss systems. http://www.wasserman-associates.com