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For General Information Call: Adrianna Holden 206-402-7685 adrianna@g2structuralaz.com


Complete Design Support for the G2T Commercial Open Web Wood Truss

G2 Structural  provides unsurpassed support for the specification of its G2T Truss.  Simply call Dave Roti at 1-844-G2T-SPEC, or email dave@g2structuralaz.com and you will recieve the following:

  • Best System Analysis/Selection
  • Budget Analysis
  • Calculations to support the G2T application
  • Supporting details in DWG and PDF for inclusion in your plans
  • Ancillary product (I-Joist, LVL, Glulam, 2x Plated Truss) suggestions to round out your floor or roof system

Cost effective designs are predicated on the entire value proposition.  G2 Structural will NOT suggest the use of our products when the project's physical location is outside our effective shipping range.  G2 Structural will not put the Desing Professional in a position of having to "defend" a G2T specification. If the G2T is not the best value for your project, we will not promote its use.

                 G2T-W (Patented Weldown Bearing) -------------  G2T (Standard Wood Bearing in Hanger)                                   

Call (844) G2T-SPEC   (844-428-7732) for expert Commercial Engineered Wood Design Support