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The Road to the Strongest Commercial Open Web Wood Truss - The "G2T-L"

Born a TruTrus TT Series Joist/Purlin by Imperial Components, Inc (1970's)

  • The "TT-Series" truss dominates long span, 8' on center purlin applications in the Western United States
  • Millions of square feet of low-slope commercial roofs are built with TT-Purlin due to strength and cost savings

Along comes Standard Structures, Inc with the SST-Purlin/Joist (Early 1990's)

  • Standard Structures introduces the ssT-Purlin to compete with the TT-Purlin
  • Tens of Millions of square feet of low-slope commercial roofs are built in ssT and TT Purlins
  • Northridge and Loma Prieta earthquakes put the ssT and TT to the ultimate test
  • The ssT and TT perform amazingly well in both massive earthquakes

ssT Quashed by RedBuilt® (2009)

  • RedBuilt® acquires certain assets of Standard Structures, Inc.
  • RedBuilt® immediately announces the ssT, and all Standard Structures products, are pulled from the market

Link to RedBuilt announcement below:


Alliance takes control, improves the TT-Purlin/Joist, adds the Patented Weldown Bearing (2005)

  • Alliance Holdings acquires TruTrus, Inc.
  • Alliance/TruTrus invents the patented "Weldown" version of the TT-Series Purlin
  • Alliance/TruTrus produces millions of square feet of low-slope commercial roof structures with the TT and TT-Hybrid(weldown) Purlins, as well as numerous Joisted Applications

G2 Structural enters the game with the G2T-Purlin/Joist (2014)

  • G2 Structural LLC is formed, and staffed,  by a collection of former Standard Structures, Alliance/TruTruss, and Trus Joist Commercial Technical Experts
  • G2 launches the G2T  Commercial Open Web Wood Truss for both Joisted and Panelized Applications
  • The G2T has immediate success as a value engineered alternative to "Pin-Connected" joisted applications
  • The G2T has immediate success as a Purlin in Wood Framed Shopping Centers throughout the Western United States
  • The G2T has immediate success as a value engineered alternative to steel K-joist in panelized applications

G2 Structural acquires TruTrus Division of Alliance and expands to Texas(2015)

  • G2 Structural doubles its manaufacturing capacity by acquiring the TruTrus Division of Alliance Holdings, LLC
  • G2 acquires the rights to produce the patented "Weldown" truss, hereafter the G2T-W
  • G2 expands its G2T manufacturing to Texas and Georgia
  • G2 takes first steps to attaining a Boise, Idaho manfuacturing location

G2 Structural introduces the G2T-L (November 2015)

The Strongest, Soundest, Simplest, and most Cost Effective, Commercial Open Web Wood Truss Available for today's High Wind and Seismic Loads

  • G2 Structural improves the G2T by adding a Structural Composite Lumber Chord and Web Series of G2T
  • G2 Structural choses LP Corp's SolidStart™ LSL as its structural composite lumber chord/web
  • G2 rolls out the G2T-L Nationwide