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I-Joist - LVL - LSL - Glulam

G2 Structural offers expert take-off, sales, and application design of all Engineered Wood Types

Services offered by our Territory Managers:

  • Per Plans Take-Offs
  • Scoped Proposals
  • Value Engineering (Converting costly self-serving proprietary specifications to the "Best Available System")
  • Placement Plans (Upon Contracted Order)
  • Engineered Calculations

G2 Structural Territory Managers will analyze your EWP Specification, looking for "right product, right location".

G2 Structural's Position Statement on Non-Stock I-Joists (The Devil is in the Details)

When Non-Stock I-Joist are specified on projects more than a 10 hour trucking distance from the West Coast, they are rarely the best option for commercial loaded floor or roof applications. At G2 Structural we believe in offering the best engineered wood system for the project, not just the best system for our bottom line.  G2 Structural has successfully converted many specified non-stock I-joist floor and roof systems to our G2T Commercial Open Web Truss, due to our logistics superiority over Non-Stock I-Joist.  These conversions not only helped the project's budget, but also gave greater flexibility to the M.E.P. Contractors due to the G2T's Open Web Configuration.

Please contact your G2 Structural Territory Managers for Value Engineering G2 Contacts