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           G2 Structural Value Engineering can help you "Get out of the Red"

Value Engineering with the G2T Series of Commercial Open Web Trusses and the G2 Structural Technical Sales Team

Many structural  floor and roof systems are specified in the "Best Known Available" products or systems. G2 Structural is confident that our G2T Series of Commercial Open Web Trusses will bring savings and greater strength to most V.E conversions.

G2 Structural's Territory Managers are expert at converting, with supporting engineered calculations, and re-detailing, the following:

  • Pin-Connected Open Web Trusses....converted to G2T Commercial Open Web Truss
  • Glulam used as joist or purlin...converted to G2T Commercial Open Web Truss
  • I-Joist over 24" depth...converted to G2T Commercial Open Web Truss
  • "K" & "LH" Steel Joist... converted to G2T Commercial Open Web Truss 

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Value Engineering - Spotlight #1 

Often times "Brand-X" believes a proprietary specification of their pin-connected truss is a license to name their price.

Since G2 Structural came to the market with our G2T Commercial Open Web Truss, that license has been revoked.


This single truckload of 70 foot G2T-44M Trusses saved the Owner $17,352 over the specified Brand-X Pin-Connected Truss

Value Engineering - Spotlight #2

The use of Pin-Connected Trusses on a skewed bearing wall is a very costly choice. "Set-Up" charges can, and have, wrecked budgets. Little, if any, automation is deployed in the fabrication of a Pin-Connected Truss, thus changes in truss length are laborous and costly.

At G2 Structural, our G2T Open Web Commercial Truss utilizes the benefits of Automated saws to dramtically reduce set-up costs, making the G2T Open Web Commercial Truss cost effective at skewed bearing conditions, or whenever a multitude of truss lengths are required in your floor or roof system. Contact your G2 Structural Territory Manager, dedicated to keeping you out of the "Red"

 This package of 13 pcs. of G2T-Open Web Trusses saved the owner $1,121.00 vs. the specified "Brand-X" Pin-Connected Truss