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Plated Commercial Truss (The Fastest Way to a Fast Food Roof Truss)

Unlike most large production capacity pre-fabricated truss manufacturers, G2 Structural takes a unique approach to the market...

G2 Structural pursues:

  • National Brand Fast Food Prospects
  • 2x Plated in same structure with our G2T
  • One-Off Commercial (Key Accounts Only)

G2 Structural DOES NOT pursue

  • Tract Housing
  • Multi-Family Structures

This strategic choice is due to the constraints of design services, which is the weak link in meeting current demand, for the pre-fabricated truss industry.

In today's market, a typical large production capacity pre-fabricated truss manufacturer uses their design services to support tract and multi-family housing, leaving the National Brand Focused General Contractors and Framers under-served.

G2 Structural was built to serve the Commercial Builder with our full-line of commercial engineered wood products. By adding pre-fabricated trusses to our product line, we are the broadest full service supplier available to our customers.

At G2 Structural our 6 experienced pre-fabricated truss designers are expert in commercial roof applications.

G2 Structural is dedicated to:

  • Shortest Design Leadtimes
    • G2 Structural average business days to Submittal:  14
  • Shortest turnaround from approval to release to fabrication
    • G2 Structural average business days to Release: 7
  • Shortest Production Leadtimes
    • G2 Structural average days to Produce: 21

G2 Structural shortens overall leadtimes for pre-fabricated trusses for commercial and custom home applications by a simple choice:

Servicing National Brand Fast Food Construction

Contact your G2 Structural Technical Representative for 2x Pre-Fabricated Truss Needs  G2 CONTACTS